Richards Boys  1935 - 2006

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Family History

The Richards family first came to Morley in 1902 and settled on the Stoney Reserve where James Richards and his family built a home and a sawmill. James Sr. sold lumber and ran a small trading post/store while also repairing wagons, supplying  essentials and raising a family. James and his wife Agnes and children, Audley, Edgar, Hazel and Gladys settled on the Morley Reserve. After their arrival three more children were born at Morley; Jim in 1909 and later Agnes and Bill in 1911 and 1913.


James Jr. later homesteaded just north of where he was born. He and his wife, Tillie, raised two children,Wendy and Doug,on his homestead.They had no roads, power or phone for decades, Doug and Jill and their sons, Jimmy and Billy continue the ranching tradition on the original homestead…Devil’s Head Ranch. Jill has taught school for many years and is currently teaching High School English on the Stoney Reserve at Morley.


Horses were always a Richards life and love. At one time, Doug’s father and his brothers ran over 1000 head of horses in the foothills behind the ranch! Doug’s father, James, was a cowboy. He rode bucking horses at the Calgary Stampede (very successfully) and various smaller rodeos in the 1930’s…..when you usually rode horseback to the rodeo, pitched a tent, competed and rode home again. He was a saddle bronc rider and a horseman as were his brothers……who were pretty handy with a rope and cowboyed the traditional ways.


Doug was raised on the ranch and horses are also his passion. At an early age, he also took to the rodeo life. Breaking and training horses was just part of ranch life. Bucking horses are his passion as they are with his sons. Jimmy and Billy both compete professionally( SB) and are part of the rodeo stock contracting business with their Dad and Mom. Billy attended College on a rodeo scholarship and has competed at the CFR 5 times. Jimmy has competed in SB and SW but has been on the injury list of late.

Doug has always been involved in the raising of horses but only formed the rodeo company in 1976 to supply rodeo stock. Records are kept of the breeding program and over 30 years of genetics has produced some great horses over the years.


In order to aquire more grass and feed for our stock, as a family the decision was made to purchase another ranch in southern Saskatchewan in 2003. Sweetwater Ranch has been everything we wanted….great neighbours and friends, with awesome hard grass and plenty of water. The horses and bulls are doing great and we can sure notice how the hard grass makes them stronger and more solid. Operating two ranches is a challenge and involves alot of miles but we love our new (home) in Saskatchewan.


Doug has been in the rodeo business and contributed from every aspect… a competitor, committee, association president and director, fan, stock contractor, and businessman.


Rodeo is a business and a tradition in our family. Producing quality stock and rodeos is a matter of pride. We work with committees to help produce quality productions that everyone…committee, contestant, fan, sponsors and everyone is pleased with.