What We do

rodeo classics Produce Rodeos for

Foothills Cowboys Association
Chinook Rodeo Association

National College Rodeo Association
National High School Rodeo Association
All-Indian Rodeo Association

Sub-contracted to several CPRA Rodeos, including Calgary Stampede

rodeo classics Private/Convention Rodeos:

Private Rodeos for Groups/Companies from all over the world... Japan, Spain, USA, Canada, Mexico, and Europe tailored exclusively for each Particular Group’s requests and wishes.
The ultimate in Canadian western culture and entertainment!! Real, competing professional and semi-professional cowboys and cowgirls competing on quality bucking stock. Inquire for details.

rodeo classics Rodeo Schools:

SB,BB,BR Produce and supply appropriate stock for students who wish to learn or improve on roughstock rodeo skills. The schools taught by professional cowboys.

rodeo classics Breeding Program- Genetics:

Records are kept on all the stock. We strive to improve the quality and reproduce what works. Approximately 300 head of stock at any one time… produce about 40-60 colts per year. We have a herd of longhorn cows and raise some dogging cattle. We also breed a limited number of bulls but most are purchased off the ranch from other breeders. Look for the genetic records for the studs/mares to be added soon.

rodeo classics For Sale/Lease:

A select few studs avail able for lease or sale – have proven genetic background… Great Bloodlines!! Bucking Horses for sale/lease at all times – for practise, breeding programs,
bucking strings etc. Saddle horses and green horses are always in stock... training...for sale or purchase.
rodeo classics Movie Sites:

Between the two ranches, there are fabulous locations including; mountains, private lake, log cabins, foothills, prairie, rodeo arena, chutes, horses, bulls, cows, cowboys, cowgirls, spectacular scenery……